A movie room and a sauna in 2012

L'accroche coeur, with its 2 charming bedrooms, is a lifelong project. The next stages involve the garden and the outhouse.

A meeting room - and a cinema

We adore film.  so much so that it's becoming difficult for us to go to the cinema!

It's becoming more and more difficult to enjoy a film in peace and quiet: with the crunch of popcorn and the sound of phones ringing, it's even a bit of a trial sometimes.

So we decided to build ourselves our own cinema, in what is currently the garage. We prefer putting money into culture rather than cars.

Our family, friends and guests will be able to watch a film under the best possible conditions.

A private showing, and then possibly a discussion around the swimming pool or in the living room.

In the daytime, the cinema becomes a meeting room, ideal for seminars and training sessions.
A poolside sauna

We're a family who adores the sauna and you'll often see us going off to the Caracalla spa in Baden Baden. By Winter 2011, we'll just need to go to the other side of the garden to enjoy a sauna.

A cold shower outside and a hot shower inside  and, if it's not too cold, it'll be possible to cool down in the pool.

The sauna is an art which involves listening to your body, slowing down and enjoying a special contact with nature. For anybody trying the sauna for the first time, we'd be delighted to give some hints to help you get the best out of an experience almost as old as civilisation itself.

A cinema and a sauna need a lot of electricity. To offset consumption, we've installed south-facing solar panels on the roofs of the cinema and the sauna.

Guests of our charming B&B are, of course, free to use these facilities, and we will provide dressing gowns, towels and sandals