The first low-energy-consumption Alsatian house

The traditional Alsatian house uses a lot of energy. Such high consumption is no longer acceptable, so we gave the house a thorough makeover between 2009 and 2010.

We have installed thermal insulation to make it the first Alsatian house to meet low energy consumption standards for a renovated building Thermal insulation also provides excellent soundproofing.

The thermal insulation was designed and subsequently inspected by EDF, the French national electricity company.

We think it's possible to respect the planet, our culture and future generations, while building a comfortable living area. In our traditional Alsatian house, everything has been designed for sustainable comfort.

The materials we have used are natural and in keeping with tradition: cellulose wadding insulation, fir parquet and original tiles.

Our guestrooms are in tune with a new way of travelling, respectful of nature and careful with energy resources.
What we've done to support sustainable comfort in l'accroche coeur :

  • Thermal insulation by injecting cellulose wadding 15 to 25 cm into the walls and under the roof. We've put wood wool between the floors and roofs.
  • Airtightness to protect against the wind with vapour barrier films.
  • Ventilation and heat recovery through double-flow CMV.
  • Wood-fired heating using wood granules from nearby forests.
  • Rainwater is collected for watering the garden. .
  • Fruit, vegetables and dairy produce are bought from local producers and farms.
  • Individual travel with a car with one of the lowest pollution levels (VW Polo Bluemotion).
  • Getting around when possible by train or by bike (l'accroche coeur is less than a kilometre away from a station with a good train service).
  • Sorted waste: paper, plastic, glass, compost.
  • Sharing rules of behaviour respectful of the environment and natural resources.
  • Use of native materials: fir parquet and doors, original tiles.