The living room and the kitchen

Traditional Alsatian houses are usually low ceilinged and somewhat cramped. Our charming B&B, however, is roomy and has lots of light.

The ground floor, there's a lot of window and not much wall
, in the words of French singer Jacques Brel.

The entrance veranda sets the tone : an old bench and a painted Alsatian wardrobe, with soft lighting and slippers on the floor.

The living room takes up about two thirds of the ground floor, with a large kitchen at one end, and  a central work area about 4 m long, ideal for preaparing the generous breakfasts we serve.
It's a warm, friendly area where the family gets together with our guests.

The first floor contains the 2 bedrooms of our charming B&B. It might be more accurate to say the rooms are actually suites in their own right.
All our rooms have a small living room, a spacious bedroom and an ensuite bathroom and toilet.

We have taken great care to make sure the rooms enjoy peace and quiet. You tend to hear everything in a traditional Alsatian house, which is fortunately not the case here.

We have done a lot of work on the insulation, in l'accroche coeur, you'll feel completely at home.