A typical farmhouse

L'accroche coeur is an old Alsatian farmhouse, with a traditional half-beamed structure, original fish-scale tiles, and a 19th-century surrounding  wall.  It has been lovingly restored to maintain its timeless authenticity.

There is no record of when the house was actually built .

However, people in the village  think it might well have predated the French Revolution.

A  carved stone plaque dates the construction of the wall round the garden to 1859. The house used to have a barn, but this no longer exists. 

The Conrad family
, whose name features on the plaque, owned the house until the early 1980s.

 Like all  traditional Alsatian houses, it has a wooden framework. The original wattle and daub of the walls has, over time, been replaced by bricks.

The wooden structure has stood up to the test of time remarkably well. Neither the beams nor the tiles  have had to be changed. A garden full of plants and an ancient cherry tree has replaced the old barn.
small swimming pool of about 20 m2  is perfect for cooling off during the hot Alsatian summer. Both garden and swimming pool are sheltered from the wind and the outside  by the old  surrounding wall.

L'accroche coeur is an Alsatian house with a warm family atmosphere. Our family has been living there since 2008 and we have enjoyed some wonderful times.

We have also carried out over 12 months of renovation work. The Guest house is now the first traditional Alsatian house to have low energy consumption certification.