Our family

We are large, reconstituted family. Sylvie (49) and Philippe (54) have been together for some 7 years and they got married on 27 June 2009, in Bietlenheim.

Sylvie has 4 children : Audrey, Karen, Morgane and Romain.
Philippe has 3 : Maïthé, Thibaud and Léonard.

That makes a pretty big family of 7 children, 4 grandchildren, all of whom get on well together.

Only Romain still lives with us. He's a very pleasant, very helpful boy, who does a lot of work around the house. He's also learned how to make bredele,which he adores doing at Christmas, which is a big moment of the year in Alsace.
The family gets together often, and there's always Facebook, of course, to keep in touch, even though it's not quite the same thing!

Since we've been living in this house, our children tend to come to see us more often. There's lots of room, there are lots of beds and there's the garden with its swimming pool and also the kitchen.

There's a warm, homely atmosphere in the house : the children adore having a B&B house and they love meeting new people.